This project is a laser-cut architectural model of Maillard's. To create this model, I started by using the dimensions of my Revit file to draw the walls, windows, and doors in AutoCAD. I resized these drawings to a scale of 1/8" = 1' and burned these outlines into three 10"x18"x1/8" sheets of birch plywood. These pieces were then sanded and glued together using my floor plans as a guide. I decided to use a simplified design to model and assemble the staircase and fences. My teacher/mentor Mr. Buro assisted me with cutting out these pieces and experimenting with different power/speed settings on our new laser cutter to achieve different score depths on the wood. We built a simple jig to cut the roof pieces to align at a precise angle. For the topography, I cut and glued sheets of 1/8" cork to model the gentle slope of my site plan. I used a sanding sponge on the edges of the cork board to shave off the excess before gluing on the wooden frame.

Foldable Pavillion

An adaptable structure that can be expanded and collapsed.

This structure can come and go to match the motions of life, shifting forms to serve different uses as the needs of its users change over time.