Isabella Ng


Hi! My name is Isabella Ng. I am a high school senior at Staten Island Tech and an incoming first-year student at the Cooper Union interested in pursuing a career in civil engineering. I aspire to explore the intersection of design, technology, and social equity in the built environment.

This page is a home for all of my projects and ideas. Currently, I'm using Autodesk programs such as AutoCAD and Revit to create projects that explore construction processes, sustainable design, and green infrastructure. I hope to use this website to showcase my work and to document my learning progress/experiences as I endeavor to enter this field. Thank you for checking out my page!

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to join my CAD teacher Mr. Buro and a group of highly motivated SITHS students and alumni in creating a 3D model of Staten Island Tech using Autodesk software. Created in Revit and rendered with Enscape, this true-to-life model depicts Staten Island Tech with impressive accuracy and in great detail.

SITHS plans to use this model to create a virtual reality tour of our school. This virtual experience will allow incoming freshmen, prospective students, and curious parents to explore our building by "walking" down our hallways and visiting classrooms. During open house nights, SITHS will offer in-person visitors a chance to use VR headsets to fully experience our model. Additionally, SITHS will showcase a "walk-through" tour of this model on our school website. The technology department at SITHS also plans to use this project to present future renovation proposals at meetings.

This project is a collaborative effort between Mr. Buro and Staten Island Tech students and alumni. This project began in 2019 and was worked on occasionally in 2020 before being completely revived during the summer of 2021. I am incredibly grateful to be a part of this wonderful team and honored to contribute to this project!